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I know you are looking for answers.
You may even feel ready to give up.
I will let you in on a secret ......

Every answer you need is already inside you.

You just need to know the right question.

I am a deep emotions worker, have been coaching women since 2000 and am a licensed NLP Associate Practitioner.  My passion for helping women grew out of my experiences of severe childhood sexual abuse and adult bulimia.

The journey ahead does not need to be painful or scary. You do not need to feel your emotions to heal them. You need to hear them. The darkness you experienced actually contains the very light you need. In my signature program, "Healing Your Emotional Brain", I will walk you through the steps you can take to discover that light, find your own answers, and set yourself free.

I was born in New Zealand. My husband and I moved to the US in 1996. We have 4 adult children, 2 dogs, and get to live by the ocean where I collect as many shells as I can!

What I do....



Finally resolve your bottled up/pushed down emotions so they stop tripping you up. Also stops that bullying voice in your head!



My techniques are  backed by proven Neuro-linguistics   programming practices. NLP is the language of the emotional brain



I combine my extensive background in coaching with strong intuitive skills to help you find your way



Your life has unique power and your emotions act like a fingerprint. Therefore, my coaching is customized  to your unique situation

Laurette is a Licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming Associate Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She specializes in emotional issues, abuse recovery, and eating disorders. Having come from a background of sexual abuse and bulimia, Laurette knows what it's like to feel lost and stuck in despair. That is why she is now so passionate at helping women reconnect to who they truly are, and then allowing that inner glow to heal them from the inside out.