How is your kitchen chaos?
Are you on a mission to be more consistent with healthy eating?

For TODAY ONLY you can grab 

Chaos to Calm One Day Guide! 
This wee guide is chock full of goodies!
Take the guesswork and stress out of meal planning Over 100 recipes linked - breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks And a chaos to calm meditation Life is soooooooo much easier when you plan!

Truth moment from my heart to yours - it's hard work choosing what to cook every day. Sometimes it's harder than actually cooking it right? All the decision making!  

That's why I created this guide for you - to help you plan ahead so you aren't left scratching your heard at 4pm wondering what on earth to cook for dinner!  

Because - in all honesty - what can happen is that we throw our hands up in exhaustion and head to the supermarket to just buy whatever ..... and 4pm is not a good time to go to the supermarket!

That is when our blood sugar is low and our motivation has waned for the day!  YIKES!

And that's when we are driven to grab those quick and easy meals ... and quick and easy sugar rushes (hello chips! hello cookies! - why do they always look so friendly at 4pm!)  

A bit of planning head once a week will set you up completely differently. 

You will no longer be at the whims of your blood sugar or motivation levels. 

Taking back control feels AWESOME because it means we can eat in a way that is in alignment with our deepest wishes and goals!

There are no refunds on this product.

Laurette Smith

Laurette is a transformational emotional energy worker specializing in Superconscious recoding. She is a licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming Associate Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She specializes in energy work, disordered eating, and emotional and sexual trauma. Having come from a background of sexual abuse and bulimia, Laurette knows what it's like to feel lost and stuck in despair. That is why she is now so passionate at helping women reconnect to who they truly are and allowing that inner glow to heal them from the inside out so they can create the life they love.