How to quickly discover yourself! See yourself through new eyes! 

Give me just 10 minutes a day and you'll know exactly how to rediscover and fully embrace YOU!

Hi darling! I'm Laurette.
I can't wait to get to know you!

I'm curious.......
When you look in the mirror, do you even see the real you?
Have you ever truly SEEN yourself? I mean the real you – the you without all the labels, measurements, self-accusations, negative talk. I know you want to be seen – the problem is that you don’t SEE YOURSELF!


Rediscover and Love Absolutely Beautiful You!

The fastest way to
love yourself
is to know yourself.

Sounds good!

But there's a PROBLEM!

The Problem is .......

We spend our lives giving and nurturing, often at our own expense, and we get lost in the mix. Or we've experienced trauma and have locked ourselves down deep and thrown away the key!

Culture tells us that we don't measure up. No matter we what do, it's never enough. So we judge ourselves, trying to figure out the secret to being whole. Verdict: we are not good enough!

We are so busy. Clients tell me they don't have the time to focus on themselves! When they do take the time, they feel guilty! No more! Take time for yourself AND feel amazing doing it!

I have HOPE for you!

If you have ever wanted to uncover WHO you actually are ...... to be 

shown how to live without judgment ...... to process (rather than eat!) 

your emotions .... to feel MORE than enough, then keep scrolling because

 you're about to discover how!

If you still hear those voices from your youth and don't know how to turn them off ...

If you have been internalized those voices to where they drive your feelings and your actions...

Then let me show you exactly how to turn it around!


You already have the answers inside of you!
You can heal yourself from the inside!

(I know that sounds a bit cliche ..... stick with me)

I am LIVING PROOF! And if I can get there, you can too.

It's all about learning how to see things differently.
You can't change your facts ... but changing how you see them.....

What if there was a step by step way to actually ENJOY BEING YOU?

Are you ready to go from being an unhappy and unfulfilled woman (and feeling judged)
to becoming and living the full, fun, and gloriously wonderful real version of you?

Hear me out a  moment longer ..... I know you have probably tried lots of programs, done the mantras and affirmations, meditated, attended retreats .... 

I am going to show you how I get results for my clients that stick. They don't fade once the program is over, a crisis arises or time marches on.

That is because of the secret I use in all my approaches. This secret lies in getting BOTH the thinking and emotional brain to make friends and work together!

Once you know this approach, YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!

This is why I am offering you instant access to "Finding You."
The step by step, sequential guide to living the life you were designed for!

Finding You is organized into 4 simple to follow keys.
Each key contains short daily videos with accompanying worksheets.

Key 1
Find Yourself

We can get lost through the years of nurturing and serving. Your true self  is buried treasure and she is worth the hunt!

Key 2
Accept Yourself

We accept our "good" parts, and fix the "bad" parts. Imagine how it would feel to never need to judge yourself again!

Key 3
Admire Yourself

How would you live and feel differently if you became your own role model? Time to get on the other side of the looking glass!

Key 4
Embrace Yourself

Once you stop judging everything, you deepen your experience of yourself. This sets you free to live from who you truly are!

Imagine how your life would be if:

You finally understood who you actually were.

You knew what was truly important to you in life.

You were able to stop judging yourself.

You could let go of past mistakes.

You could start living from a "seen" place inside of you.

You no longer measured yourself against anything.

You could begin to write your own life's script!

I see you.

I know you want to put down all your masks and
live authentic ...... live deep ...... live free!
Truth is that as you become more of who you are, you WILL become free!
It takes a bit of a leap, but I know you can do it.
I will be with you, guiding you and showing you the way!


"Finding You"

A Guide to Rediscovering and Loving Who You Are

This self-paced course can go as fast or slow as you need!
No annoying schedules to work around.
All done from the privacy of your own home.
Short and simple videos guide you through each step.
Worksheets are available for each step to help you think through and implement the lesson.

What's included!

  • Easy to watch, short, and fun videos to explain each step.
  • Printable worksheets.
  • Corresponding worksheet to help you process and implement.
  • Life-time access!

What My Clients Say About Me

"If there is anything you feel you need to work on in your life...trust Laurette she will help you find the answers in you to resolve where you are stuck." - Malisa

"I use my tools you taught me every single day...usually during every hour I am awake! You are an amazing woman and I am truly blessed to have met you." - Debbie

"The appreciation I feel towards Laurette is immense. Take the leap—she is amazing—and you won’t regret it!!" - Sue

"Laurette facilitates this Emotional Coaching journey in a loving, honest, kind, and nurturing fashion that pushes your thinking to see things in another perspective." - Kim

It's time.
Time to shed all the layers.
Time to find you again.
Time to stop judging, stop measuring, stop running from your emotions.
It's time to embrace every part of you.
Because you are worth it .... more than worth it!
You are more than enough .....
You are you.
It's time to lean into and live in all your glorious gorgeousness!

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Laurette Smith

Laurette is a transformational energy worker and is a licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming Associate Practitioner and certified Life Coach. She specializes in energy work, disordered eating, and emotional and sexual trauma. Having come from a background of sexual abuse and bulimia, Laurette knows what it's like to feel lost and stuck in despair. That is why she is now so passionate at helping women reconnect to who they truly are, and then allowing that inner glow to heal them from the inside out.

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