How to Make Peace with Food and your emotions!
April 20-22 11am PST

The step-by-step for how I discovered what drove my eating habits so I could find food freedom, eat (or not eat) whatever I wish, and do so without guilt!
Rid yourself of emotional eating, stress eating and binge eating - for good!

What You'll Learn:

Take the mystery out of what you should or shouldn't eat!

* Learn what a safe foods is
* Understand the concept behind a "scary" food
* What the healing journey actually looks like

What EXACTLY is going on in your brain!  

* The truth about emotions and food (ef-connections!) 
* How to break the cycle 
* Biggest recovery mistakes 
* The structure you need to succeed

The Step-by-Step process you can follow to go from feeling out of control with food to food peace!

* What internal safety means and how to achieve it

* How to figure out what you are actually after
* How community changes life for you